Self-Righteous GOP Elites Abandon Trump, While SHOCK Poll Reveals Voter Intent

Trump Appeared In Playboy 'Softcore' Porn Video

Let the Establishment Elite, from both parties, bash Trump, THE VOTERS ARE SHOUTING!

Paul Ryan and gang uninvited Trump from a Republican Bash in Wisconsin. John McCan, Condoleeza Rice, and a host of others have jumped off of the Trump train, and called for others to do so, in the aftermath of the media release of Trump’s 11-year-old video.

Trump apologized. His family, and even Mike Pence, expressed that they disagreed with his words, but that they accept his apology. Melania Trump said it best, those words “do not represent the man that I know.”

So, what do the voters think? Paul Ryan’s party in Wisconsin did not go as planned.


Take a look:

People make mistakes and Trump’s lewd comments pale in comparison to the actions of the Clintons, especially in light of new WikiLeaks revelations.

WikiLeaks BLOCKBUSTER Release Reveals Hillary’s Uranium Corruption

Now the polls are revealing the truth about the true feelings of voters.

Politico reports:

“As soon as the news broke, we designed a survey that not only tested voter opinion on Trump’s comments, but also allowed more than 1,500 voters to react in real time to the video and his apology,” said Morning Consult co-founder and Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp. “The results show that nearly all voters have heard about the video and most rate it negatively, but Trump’s supporters are not abandoning him right away.”

But not only do three-quarters of Republican voters want the party to stand behind Trump, there’s a potential warning in the data for GOP officeholders like Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), who announced Saturday she wouldn’t vote for him: Fewer than a third of voters are willing to give greater consideration to a candidate who un-endorses Trump.

Self-righteous Establishment Elites still do not get it. We are tired of their age-old rhetoric and their double-speak.

Americans want someone who is authentic, even if they have made mistakes in the past.

How do you feel about the latest Trump controversy? Will you support him or should he drop out?



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