The Clinton News Network (CNN) Stacks the Deck for This Evenings Debate in Her Favor

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz will be moderating today’s debate and it’s sure to keep us all at the edge of our seats. Of course, the first question will go to Hillary and by now I am sure we can all take a guess what it will be.

If you guessed Trump’s “vulgar” comments from 2005!, you are right. I’m sure Clinton will be more than prepared to answer this question and give her FULL opinion, as she is probably the one who had it leaked.

Breitbart has the full story:

From CNN:

The first set of questions at Sunday night’s presidential debate will be about Donald Trump’s vulgar comments on a newly published 2005 videotape, and the fallout from it.

And Hillary Clinton will get the first question.

Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC have adjusted their plan for the debate in light of the Trump tape, sources told CNNMoney.

While everything is subject to change until air time, an ABC source said — perhaps confirming the obvious — that Trump and Clinton will both be prompted to address the matter.

A coin toss by the Commission on Presidential Debates determined that Clinton will speak first.

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