[WATCH] She Faked Getting Hit By A Car Without Knowing She Was Being Filmed

[WATCH] She Faked Getting Hit By A Car Without Knowing She Was Being Filmed

Her insurance scam plan was to get hit by a car, but she ended up getting WALLOPED by something much worse!

People fake injuries all the time. In many cases, they want to avoid work or get out of doing something they believe will be unpleasant. In more serious cases, the ones that end up in court, people plan insurance fraud.

This dishonest woman planned to fake getting hit by a car, and perhaps ruin the life of the driver, all the while collecting a nice insurance settlement.

In the old days, her acting job might have worked, put she encountered one modern problem that she did not anticipate.

People have smartphones and those phone have cameras!

Watch her pathetic attempt below:

Fake auto-related accidents are more common than you may think. So common, in fact, that the DMV has put out a bit of information on how to deal with such a problem.

Here are a few common schemes:

The T-Bone: Someone will wait for you to enter an intersection, then hit the gas, nailing you with a “T-Bone.” Fake witnesses, called shady helpers, then appear to claim that you ran a stop sign or street light.

The Wave: People wave that they are allowing you to switch lanes, then accelerate, forcing an accident. When police arrive, they deny the courtesy wave.

Dual Turn Sideswipe: A driver in an out lane watches to see if you drift even the slightest bit out of your lane. If so, they allow the collision, or cause the collision, then pin the wreck on you. Again, phony witness sometimes participate.

Brake Slam: Some scammers simply hit their brakes, causing you to rear-end them. In the end, it is your fault.

Swoop and Stop: One car stops in front of you, suddenly and unexpectedly, while another blocks you in from the side. This is devious!

Don’t worry, most people are good and honest. While these scams have been attempted in the past, statistics are on your side, if you are good and honest yourself.

Read more at DMV.org.

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