ANONYMOUS Releases BLOCKBUSTER, Trump’s Lewd Video BACKFIRES On Hillary

ANONYMOUS Releases BLOCKBUSTER, Trump's Lewd Video BACKFIRES On Hillary

The hacking group ANONYMOUS just released a game-changing statement on Hillary’s “meddling” with Trump’s vulgar tape

Donald Trump is finished, they said. He should quit the race, they said. Women everywhere will certainly turn on him once they see his vulgar, demeaning video.

Not so fast. The release of the vulgar Trump tapes certainly made for a media firestorm, but Hillary’s corrupt practices have gotten the attention of a number of powerful groups. Among them: WikiLeaks, Guccifer 2.0, and now, yet again, ANONYMOUS.

Were Trump’s off-camera comments truly that egregious? Most believe it was just silly guy talk. He has never been known to grope women or assault them in any way, unlike a certain former President who is close to the issue.

Why, after 11 years, did this recording just now see the light of day? Why wasn’t it announced to the public during the ugly Republican primaries? Coincidentally, the tape was released the SAME DAY that WikiLeaks dropped another data dump on Hillary.

Perhaps this tape was just released in this form because this version is brand new and an edited fake?

According to the hacking group, Anonymous, this is not just a possibility, but a probability, with the evidence being clear and forthcoming.

In a newly-releaed blockbuster video, Anonymous said, “we believe the tape to be fake.”

Among other things, Anonymous states that changing entire sentences in video and audio recording is complicated, but it can be done. Changing words, on the other hand, is quite easy.

For example, Trump’s now famous use of the word “p*ssy” could have easily been spliced in. If Trump had used a similar two-syllable word, like “shoulder,” the swap would have been simple.

Anonymous also has an inside source with the Trump Campaign, one that says they are not worried about the tape in the least.

Trump did well in the last debate with Hillary.

If Anonymous is proven correct in their assertions about the Trump Tape, Hillary is in far bigger trouble than we first thought.

Watch their statement for yourself, below:


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