[VIDEO] In A Shocking Twist A Liberal Morning Show Calls Trump’s Performance, “EPIC”

In the wake of The Presidential debate, even the liberal political pundits are praising the Donald Trump rants. Morning Joe called Trump’s performance, “epic,” and something to “rock the political world.” Check out the transcript, and the video posted to Twitter:

Joe Scarborough: I think there were a couple of things people in the press did not want to admit but it was plainly evident watching it on TV last night. Number one, it was Donald Trump’s most effective debate performance to date. There’s not a close second. There’s not a close second. Secondly, despite the fact she had an unprecedented cheering section in the media, the fact is for somebody who was watching, and people will see this as they go back and watch today, or of they see parts in a week from now or a month from now, Hillary Clinton was on defense most of the night. She seemed unsure of herself most of the night… Donald Trump, who has made the Republican Party members’ lives a living and breathing hells for the past year-and-a-half, turned it up to 11… And all of those people who jumped ship were looking at their TV last night and about halfway through the debate were saying, “Oh shoot.”… This is the political reality, that for the Republican base, Donald Trump delivered the political attack against the Clinton machine that the Republican base and middle America have been waiting for for years now…

Mika Brzezinsk: And no Republican could have done what he did last night. It was epic. It was vintage Trump. He produced a daylong show that rocked the political world.

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