This Is What ISIS Considers Punishment For Hungry Begging Children, Warning You May Not Want To Know


Islamic Shariah Law is brutal and unforgiving to all. In a recent act of brutality, ISIS has been taking young children from the streets and dismembering them for the ‘crime’ of begging for food because they are starving on account of ISIS’ destruction of their society:

The Islamic State’s vicious brutality is ongoing in the Syrian city of Raqqa where families who’ve fled the terror group say children’s limbs are being severed by militants as punishment for alleged crimes.

One of the families that managed to flee told Sky News that the IS victims have included kids as young as 11 years old.

“All my children have seen them,” the mother, who wasn’t named, said of the punishments.

One such 11-year-old orphan boy was reportedly tied down and had his arm chopped off by the radicals because he was trying to sell a stolen car battery for food.

What is more, one other family said that they were almost forced to sell their 14-year-old daughter into marriage with an Egyptian IS fighter, who was 29.


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