[VIDEO] Disney World Puts An End To One of the Most Historic Events In the Park

Growing up in Central Florida, I attended Disney’s Magic Kingdom over and over, the evening parade was the highlight of the whole day. The electrical parade was so exciting. You saw all of the characters, and had a moment to reflect on the day. Disney however; has announced that the parade will be coming to an end…

WDW News Today:

It first started in the ’70s, with light-up floats including Alice In Wonderland, Dumbo’s Circus, “It’s a Small World,” and Cinderella’s Ball.┬áIf you’ve seen it in person or even just in pictures, you know it’s the epic parade with floats covered in Christmas lights.

Back before it began, Disney needed an attraction that kept parkgoers around until nighttime. Guests liked to leave in the evening, and their fireworks show wasn’t enough to get them to stay.

While the final procession took place yesterday at the Magic Kingdom, it’s set to head from Disney World back to Disneyland to do a goodbye run there. Sad face. Catch it while you can, as it might as well be as good as gone.

If you have never seen the parade, watch the link below. It is the last one ever to be seen at The Magic Kingdom.

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