WATCH How NBC Got BUSTED Editing Out Hillary’s Crossed Eyes

This is a new low for a major network. Watch exactly how they are covering for Hillary.

This is a case of  medical experts and video experts collaborating to expose the truth, and it is a sad truth.

Since even before Hillary’s collapse at the 9/11 Memorial, we have been told that her health is fine, that she is physically suited to be President, etc… The worst thing her doctors have reported about her health is pneumonia.

There has been virtually no acknowledgement whatsoever of her fall, the concussion that resulted, and the blot clot that many think caused brain damage.

Dr. Ted Noel has spent the last few months of the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign studying Hillary’s motions, mannerisms, and reactions. Like many of us, he wonders if she has a major health issue, such as a neurological disorder, brain damage, or something worse. After much study, he has come to the conclusion that the former Secretary of State has Parkinson’s Disease.

Obviously, if she has Parkinson’s, or any other serious disorder that would cause strange behavior, like eye-crossing, the American voter needs to know. She could still run for office, but the Electorate would have the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Apparently, the major television network NBC is working with the Clinton Campaign to make sure that American voters do not learn the truth. Dr. Noel and his associates have busted them in a massive lie, a lie that employed video editing, although, it was their bad video editing that caused them to get caught.

The revelation, while exposing dishonesty from a group of public organizations, also raises some serious questions. Among them: Why would her eyes require editing in the first place? What are they covering up?

Watch the video and decide for yourself:

Remember when we used to believe that American Elections were fair and honest? Ignorance was bliss…


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