Bombshell: “Republican” in Clinton Ad is Longtime Democrat Donor!

In an attack ad, they claim Doug Elmets is a Republican.
Except, he has donated at least $3000 to Democrats.

Fox & Friends has the story:

Here’s the transcript from the video:

Doug Elmets: “I voted Republican then, and I have every since. But I cannot vote for Donald Trump. I’m putting party aside and voting for Hillary Clinton.”

Fox & Friends: “Former Reagan Administration official Doug Elmets has actually given more than $2000 to Democrats since 2004. No surprise: He’s also unloaded $1000 to Clinton’s campaign.“

Outrageous! reported:

“Doug Elmet Claims He’s A Republican For Clinton, But He Has Given A Number Of Campaign Contributions To Democrats Over The Last 12 Years”

He’s hardly a Republican.


See more on this at: Gatewaypundit

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