GAMECHANGER: Terence Crutcher’s Toxicology Report Just Released

GAMECHANGER: Terence Crutcher's Toxicology Report Just Released

The cop who shot him used her judgement and has plead “not guilty.” Now his blood tests reveal the truth!

Officer Betty Shelby has been charged with first-degree manslaughter and has plead “not guilty.” She shot and killed Terence Crutcher on September 16th, causing the first of many nationwide protests on police shootings and race.

Crutcher’s family has claimed that he was simply having car trouble prior to his deadly encounter with Officer Shelby.

The police have admitted that Crutcher was indeed unarmed, however dashcam and helicopter footage has shown Crutch with his arms raised as he approached his on sport utility vehicle.

An attorney for Officer Shelby has said that Crutcher refused to obey commands and reached into his vehicle when he was shot. There is some question as to whether his window was open or closed.

One Tulsa County District Attorney Investigator has stated the the officer escalated the situation prematurely and overreacted in shooting

Today, the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office released a bombshell report on Crutcher’s death. The cause of death is listed as a “penetrating gunshot wound of chest.”

More importantly, the toxicology report reveals that Terence Crutcher’s blood tested positive for Phencyclidine, which is more commonly known as PCP.

Officer Shelby, through her attorney, has stated they she believed Crutcher to be high on PCP when the confrontation occurred in the middle of a Tulsa, Oklahoma road a month ago.

Obviously, this toxicology report will help Officer Betty Shelby in her legal defense. A suspect who is on PCP, in the middle of the street, is certain to have been behaving erratically. If he would not obey commands, then tried to reach into his vehicle, perhaps the Officer’s judgement was sound, after all.

Three weeks ago, video was released that showed the entire shooting event.

Watch below:


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