Melania Wears a Pu**y Bow to Debate..Secret Service Prevented Bill From Untying It

We have yet to find out from Melania if this was intentional or not but wow, what a statement. Many believe Melania may have been trying to connect with women on a more personal level, and if she wasn’t, she missed a great opportunity.

We may never know for sure but it was certainly entertaining nonetheless. I’m sure Melania wouldn’t take such an open stance against her husband. Such an act of defiance would have potentially given liberal media the chance to capitalize on feminist ideals, and ruined her husband. Shes smarter than that(with excellent taste) and I would call the blouse simple coincidence.

USA Today had this to say:

Coincidence or ultimate feminist statement?

Rarely if ever have vulgar terms for women’s anatomy been addressed so many times in a presidential debate. But Sunday night’s forum was abnormal for several reasons, including the frank questions around a shocking video of Republican nominee Donald Trump saying he could “grab (women) by the p—-.”

The word came up again, though in completely different context, as fashion bloggers began to trace his wife’s sartorial choice for the evening. Melania’s bright fuchsia long-sleeve top from Gucci — which you can nab for $1,100 — seemed like just another high-fashion home run for the woman who may succeed the impeccably styled Michelle Obama as the country’s first lady.

And in more ways than one, it was.

The tie at her neck is called a pussy-bow, an old style with a complex history.

The bows date back to at least the 1930s, when the floppy, feminine bow most likely received its name from the bows tied under kittens’ chins. In the 1970s, it became part of the working woman’s wardrobe, a take on the bow ties that male counterparts were wearing to the office, and in line with the boxy suits and button-downs that composed what was viewed as appropriate attire. Author John T. Malloy famously advised women to wear neckties if they wanted to move up the corporate ladder in his 1977 bestseller The Woman’s Dress for SuccessBook.

Margaret Thatcher helped immortalize the look, which was reportedly one attempt by advisors to help soften the Iron Lady’s otherwise serious, armor-like wardrobe.

As the workforce began to diversify, however, women started resenting dress codes that forced them to blend in with men in order to be taken seriously. Pussy-bow blouses went the way of shoulder pads, fading from fashion with a negative connotation as a repressive symbol for women.

But the look has been revived in recent years with a new connection to the feminist movement. Miuccia Prada flipped the idea on its head in the early 00s, giving the once buttoned-up look a coquettish vibe à la the naughty 50s secretary.

 Then in 2015, Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s new creative director, showed a collection complete with ultra-feminine pieces and loads of pussy-bows, making it one of last spring’s biggest trends.

The reincarnations have thrown some feminists for a loop, while exciting a younger wave of women who have seemingly taken back the look and marked it as their own, with none of the vestiges of workplace discrimination.

So while most onlookers have made the obvious connection between the name of the blouse and the word used by Trump in his inflammatory video comments, and speculated whether it was a small act of rebellion, the historical significance of the garment would have made it a serious political statement. That is, if it was Melania’s intent.

A campaign spokeswoman told CBS that it was unintentional, which is a real shame. Like Hillary Clinton’s suffragette moment at the Democratic Convention, it would have been a chance for Melania to connect with women on a deeper, historic level.


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