Security Camera Records The Clintons Moments After Brutal Debate

Security Camera Records A Bizarre Clinton Moment After Debate

We know that Bill was rattled but he pulled it together. What is Hillary thinking in this video?

Democrat Nominee for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, entered Sunday night’s debate arena with a proud air of confidence. Her opponent, Donald Trump, was supposedly reeling from the release of an 11-year-old hot mic video that supposedly would end his campaign. Self-righteous Republicans were calling for Trump to quit, and liberal Clinton supporters were almost giddy.

Hillary tried to enjoy a “gotcha moment” over Trump as the debate began. She railed at Trump for his alleged mistreatment of women. She appeared to believe it to be an early knockout blow.

Unfortunately, for Hillary, she only succeeded in poking the bear. Trump somehow seemed to channel the collective frustrations of the American people. It is true, if any average American did just a fraction of the things that Hillary has done, they would be in jail. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian society: the elites live by a different set of rules than the peasants.

Trump felt it and seized the moment. He addressed her email breaches, the Benghazi tragedy, and even her husbands well-chronicled mistreatment of women.

Bill Clinton looked as if he wanted to crawl under a chair. The women he had sexually assaulted were sitting near him and the scene was awkward.

Hillary tried her best to present Trump as an abuser, but in the end, he blasted her for one scandal after the next. Perhaps the finest moment in the debate came when Hillary said she could not imagine a Trump Presidency. Trump told her, “You’d be in jail.”

Finally, a Republican said something that we have all been feeling for so many years.

Was this the turning point in the election? Time will tell.

After the excitement, the Clintons excited the building down a back stairwell, and Bill can be scene helping her down the stairs. I get the feeling he was happy to be out of there.

What is going on with Hillary near the end of the video? Is she confused, again?

She looked like a lost elderly person, but maybe that is just my interpretation.

Take a look for yourself:

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