[VIDEO] Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather TKO’S Colin Kaepernick

Mayweather did not get where he is by being a whiny millionaire. Hey, Kaepernick, here is how the Great Ones do it…

Floyd Weather, retired boxing champion, and arguably, the greatest of all time, took Colin Kaepernick to task like only he can. In speaking about lessons learned from boxing, Mayweather lays out a few truths that not only apply to Kaepernick, but all of us.

The boxer broke his silence on America’s most recent round of racially-charged events in an interview with “The Boxing Voice.”

Regarding Kaepernick, he said, “All Lives Matter,” and that Kaepernick should focus on getting “the starting job.” Ouch!

Mayweather’s words reveal how one becomes great, not just a backup.

Focus on yourself and your goals, while not whining about other people, or anything else.

“It’s not right what’s going on within this world on both sides. I think we need to communicate better, we need follow direction. It’s rules and regulations to everything,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather did try to express respect for Kaepernick, however, while at the same time, questioning his focus.

“Kaepernick need to get the starting job. That’s what he needs to focus on. I can’t knock him. If that’s what he believes in and people want to stand by him, then so be it. He got the number one selling jersey so it’s obvious he doing something right,” he said.

Watch and listen to Mayweather’s truth bomb in the video below:

Interestingly, Floyd Mayweather’s views sound eerily similar to those expressed by another legendary boxing name, Laila Ali, who also feels that, “All Lives Matter.” Recently, we reported on her interview, below:

[WATCH] Laila Ali Reveals Why She Won’t Post ‘Black Lives Matter’

There are boxing lessons to be learned here. Great ones focus on themselves and how to improve themselves.

Backups focus on other people.



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