[VIDEO] Watch What This Cop Does To A Family Of Four Sleeping In A Local Park After Hours

Eugene Police officer David Natt finds a family of four sleeping in their car at a public park. But rather than kicking them out, he offers to put them up in a hotel for two nights…

We all too often hear of the wrong officers do, but we don’t see the good they do as well. They are here to serve and protect, and officer Natt did just that. With a family of 4 sleeping in a car, and the wife pregnant, he helped them instead of shaming them. The family had driven down from Alaska and arrived in Eugene but didn’t have a place to live yet. They decided to save some money and sleep in the car at a local park on a very cold night.

In a world of sadness, and hate, we should all pay it forward a little more. Spreading love and mercy may just be what we need.

Watch the video below, and comment:


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