WikiLeaks Drops Nuke: Obama’s DOJ Fed Hillary Investigation Data

WikiLeaks Drops Nuke: Obama's DOJ Fed Hillary Investigation Data

The email investigation was a total fraud. Hacked emails show the Hillary Campaign’s involvement…

Wikileaks hacked emails show that the Department of Justice was discussing the ongoing investigation with Hillary’s spokespeople.

How could justice ever result from an investigation this crooked?

Brian Fallon, a campaign spokesman for the Clinton Campaign, wrote that, “DOJ folks” had informed him about an upcoming conference that was to provide status updates on the lawsuit regarding the private email servers and their setup. Fallon’s email was send in May of 2015.

Fallon had been a spokesman for Obama’s Justice Department prior to working for the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

In is unethical, even corrupt, for a Campaign Staffer and the investigating Department to hold any kind of dialogue regarding a live investigation. Depending on what information was conveyed, the correspondence could have been illegal.

We know, of course, why they would be motivated to correspond in this way. If the Clinton Campaign had access to the Department of Justice during the investigation, they could coordinate with their lawyers, and their spokespeople, to ensure that the investigation ended favorably for them.

It is as if there are two sets of rules in our society. One set for the elites, who can break the law without penalty, and another set for the common man.

If a low-ranking military member, for example, had been responsible for a Classified Data Breach only a fraction of this size, the could face prison for a long time.

As we know, the FBI and the Department of Justice gave Hillary a pass.

And now they want her to be President? Who will uphold the rule of law then?


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