WikiLeaks Drops THIRD BLOCKBUSTER Data Dump On Hillary

WikiLeaks SHOCKER: Hillary Armed ISIS, Jihadis, And More, All Seen In Her Private Emails

This is the October Surprise that keeps giving and giving and giving…

WikiLeaks just released another game-changing release of data.

This release, entitled, The Podesta Emails, Part 3, includes 1,190 new, never-before-seen emails.

Rest assured, every one from the Trump Team to fresh-out-college journalists are pouring over this new batch, even as there are more scandals being uncovered from The Podesta Emails, Parts 1 and 2.

Here is a perfect example. In the email described below, one of Hillary’s attorneys, David Kendall, writes to provide counsel on how to best handle a thumb drive of emails that were not turned over to the State Department. He goes on about the best use of wording to position the crime in a way that would not draw suspicion.

If you have never visited, you can go there and find a useful search engine that will scour Hillary and her Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails. You can search by word, by attached filename, or even by email-id.

You know that Clinton Staffers, past and present, are shaking in their boots. What if this archive includes messages that can incriminate them? Even worse, what if they are called to testify?

We know what happens to those who are to appear in court against the Clintons. They are often found having “committed suicide” or dying under strange circumstances in their daily routine.

Julian Assange, of WikiLeaks, says that he has 50,000 emails in total to release. So far, only a few thousand of these have been released, with a few more weeks left in the Election.

We will keep an eye on WikiLeaks public resources, such as their website and their Twitter page. They often provide us with sneak previews of the corruption that is soon to become public.

Enjoy your searches!

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