WikiLeaks STRIKES With Increasing Intensity: The Podesta Emails, Part 4

WikiLeaks STRIKES With Increasing Intensity: The Podesta Emails, Part 4

Now, it is clear why Assange was not in a hurry. He has massive amounts of information on Hillary! It started as a slow trickle. Now it is a firehose, with another BLOCKBUSTER that exposes more and more Clinton corruption. 1,193 emails this time.

Everyone was angry at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in early October. They held a 10th Year Anniversary Media Event, at 10AM in Berlin, Germany. American journalists were online at 2AM, Central Time, ready to scoop and document the long-awaited October Surprise that would sink Hillary’s ship.

Within the next three hours, Assange would announce that he “would not release” important data relevant to the American Election at 3 o’clock  in the morning. Understandably, reporters were frustrated.

Assange did announce, however, that he would release all documents related to the US Election prior to November 8th, 2016. He also said that he would drop at least one release per week.

Now, it is clear why WikiLeaks has not been in a hurry. They have over 50,000 emails in total to release, and they are releasing 1,000 to 2,000 of them, most every day.

What happens when 1,000 or more emails are dropped? Reporters and news agencies start pouring through them, and countless corruption-exposing stories are created. The news cycle is dominated with Wikileaks data.

It is a new time for world media. Corrupt governments try to stifle the press. Hypocritical politicians and officials lie and pervert the truth.

Now, perhaps more than any other time in history, alternative sources of information are out there.

We no longer have to tune in to media sources that are bought and paid for by corrupt leaders.

WikiLeaks is not perfect, but it does provide an alternative, hopefully helping us arrive at a better world. A world where politicians act with integrity.

The latest WikiLeaks release, The Podesta Emails, Part 4, featuring the inbox of Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta, can be found below.

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