[VIDEO] Infants Plummets To Her Death In A NYC Elevator

A tragic story comes out of New York this morning, a 6 week old baby has died after falling down an elevator shaft. The 21-year-old mother was on the 23rd floor waiting for the elevator with her infant.

Police reported that the doors opened and the young mother pushed the stroller into the elevator that was not there.


Someone working on the inside of the cable car heard the noise and found the mother and her newborn on top.   The baby was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital where her mother was being treated for injuries.

Investigators discovered that the building has had dozens of elevator violations over the last 15 years.

It is privately-owned and supplies low income housing.

Residents in the 24 story, 335 unit building said despite numerous complaints, nothing has really been done to make the elevators safe and reliable.


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