[WATCH] Could This Be The Worlds Hottest Math Teacher?

[Jdubuzz.com ] When you were in math class, you hesitate between pretend a malaise or sleep in classroom. Yet in a Minsk school, capital of Belarus, Oksana Neveselaya sees its always full classes. The reason ? Many consider ” the sexiest teacher on the planet .”And when one realizes that the young woman of 28 years attracts more than 370,000 followers on her Instagram account, we understand a little better the hype about his profession.

Earlier this week, one of his students has also posted a video of his teacher doing courses. Since the sequence was shared views and hundreds of thousands of times, explaining some ” want to study in Minsk as soon as possible .”

And while Oksana Neveselaya explains to his (many) contenders it is no longer a heart to take, she continues to receive dozens of messages of love every week. And it’s not his publications on his Instagram account that will reduce these numbers …

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