This is What Happens When Older Women Explain Trump’s Behavior and It’s Completely Unexpected

An unexpected group of women LOVE Trump and everything he has to say. Regardless of how bad liberal media and the Clinton  campaign have painted him, they are in for the long haul and tell Tump “talk dirty to me!”

One woman had this to say and she is right on, ‘“When you’re ignorant and uneducated, you don’t know these things.” She talks about how Clinton supporters haven’t been paying attention to what the Clintons have been doing the last 30 years — getting rich”

Other women simply aren’t paying attention.

BuzzFeed has the full story:

At the rally, the excuse a woman chooses for Trump’s conduct toward women has a lot to do with her age: older women, who say they’ve been surrounded by that sort of behavior all their lives, think of it as par for the course, even desirable. Victoria, the woman who’d made the “Adorable Deplorable” shirts, tells me, “Women love that. I’m not talking about assault here, but getting grabbed at, it’s a way of saying you’re still cute — I’d like it, and I’m 65! Wouldn’t you like it?” Younger women think of it as classic dad behavior: Maybe it’s bad, but it’s not meant that way. Or they say that they’d never thought of the power dynamics that keep women silent after instances of abuse. As one woman asks me, “Trump’s so rich. If he did that to you, wouldn’t you just sue him and get that money?”

Once Trump finally hits the stage, he is composed and measured; he rarely goes off-script, and unlike his speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, earlier in the day, he avoids any of the meandering musings on what his career would be after the campaign. His address is punctuated by the same “lock her up” and “build the wall” chants that show up in sound bites from every speech. Those chants, which come off as baritone and masculine on television, are often paired with polling data that proclaims Trump’s support is plummeting among women. But the sound of those chants mask the fact that women are yelling along: They’re just as angry at Hillary, whom they find smug and condescending, while the revelations of Trump’s sexual conduct simply do not faze them. “The mainstream media is reporting that women aren’t supporting Trump,” Roseanne, a middle-aged woman from Edgewood, Kentucky, told me. “But I haven’t met one woman who’s not supporting Trump.”

They did not flock to Hillary simply because she was a woman, and they are not persuaded by women’s claims of sexual misconduct against their candidate. And while they readily dismiss the suggestion, propagated across Twitter, that the 19th Amendment should be repealed, their personal ideologies have little room for advocating for women who are not like them, whether in their reproductive choices, their belief systems, their race, their religion, or their posture toward the seriousness of sexual abuse.

At one point during the rally, a middle-aged woman sought me out so she could declare her message on camera. “No I’m not a feminist!” she declared. “I’m a strong, totally independent person!” In that, she’s like the vast majority of Trump female supporters — women who are currently using that same strength and independence not to protect other women, but to define themselves as profoundly different from them.

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