[Graphic Video] Teenage Girl SCALPED by Ferris Wheel Learns a Valuable Lesson on Vanity

In what could only be described as “bloodcurdling”, a teenage girl in India learns a valuable lesson on vanity as her hair is ripped clean off her scalp while attempting to take a selfie.

Such a horrible way to learn a lesson, glad to hear she is recovering.

 RT has the full story:

A schoolgirl in India had her hair ripped from her scalp in a horrific accident when trying to take a selfie. The teen is understood to be recovering in hospital.

The horrific incident happened outside a college in the city of Baraut, more than 40 miles north of Delhi.

Footage captured the aftermath of the accident where the girl, believed to be around 16-years-old, was seen standing in obvious pain while bystanders attempted to free her, according to The Indian Express.

She reportedly was trying to take a selfie, but misjudged how close she was to the ferris wheel.

The teenager’s hair got tangled in the huge spinning wheel and its force ripped all the hair clean off her head.

In the video, a friend can be seen comforting the girl while the ride operator frantically attempts to free her.

She was eventually rescued and is believed to be recovering in hospital.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.

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