[VIDEO] Spokesperson For Trump Campaign Warns Paul Ryan, “We Won’t Forget”

Spokesperson for the Trump campaign AJ Delgado destroyed Speaker Paul Ryan for his smear campaign against Donald Trump. She let him know, we will not forget this.

Delgado warned Paul Ryan that his actions will have repercussions.

It is unfortunately Paul Ryan spending time criticizing directly and indirectly Mr. Trump rather than focusing on preventing Hillary Clinton as any good or proper conservative would or any good American patriot should try to do this election season. He’s focusing on how to distance himself from Donald Trump… It’s a shame…

…It will come back to haunt Paul Ryan. He is somebody who is popular in Wisconsin but not popular nationwide. And if he should ever aspire to push legislation or aspire to higher office once again the Trump supporters will remember this.

Unfortunately, Paul Ryan is not alone.

Here is a list of Republican traitors that need to be booted out of office immediately.


Ryan can forget about future support from Trump supporters after the stunts that he has pulled.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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