WIKILEAKS: Email Exposes Hillary’s ‘ROTHSCHILD Connection’, THEY OWN HER

A careless forwarded email by Hillary Clinton’s former Chief of Staff to John Podesta just exposed what many have been saying for years: Hillary Clinton is owned by the powerful billionaire family the Rothschilds. This is no longer conspiracy theory. This is fact.

The latest WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta emails included one from Cheryl Mills, but in the email is an interesting tidbit: an email Lynn Forester de Rothschild sent to Mills. It should never have seen the light of day, but because Mills mistakenly included it in her forwarded email to Podesta, it is now in the open.

In the email, Rothschild is addressing concerns by the Clinton campaign that Elizabeth Warren is not sticking to Democratic talking points about the economy. Because Warren is telling the truth about the economy, it reflects badly on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Rothschild then discusses how to shape the narrative for Hillary Clinton by instructing her as to what to say. Observe:


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