Exposed: [VIDEO] Show Democrats Using Mentally Ill People To Commit Violent Acts

“Graphic, uncensored and disturbing”…is how James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, known for his undercover video work that blew the lid off the corruption with Obama’s former employer ACORN.

Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United For Change tells interviewer they send people out to incite Trump supporters at his rallies. The idea is, that if they can incite Trump supporters and get it on video, it will help them to push a false narrative that Trump supporters are “violent.” Watch him brag about being an “intermediary” between super PACs for Hillary and the DNC. This guy is like a stupid mobster who can’t help himself, telling a perfect stranger where all the bodies are buried…

Watch him explain in detail how they have paid operatives who will show up at Trump events or Trump owned entities to stir up hate. They actually have “agitator training” who help people who work for them understand how to best get a reaction from Trump supporters.


Watch Hillary push the false narrative, “Trump supporters are violent” that the underbelly of the Democratic Party is secretly creating through a seedy network of criminal minds:


Here’s a great example of how Democrats organize to create chaos and incite violence with Trump supporters. The entire time this Trump supporter is trying to answer an interviewers question, this anti-Trump protester is blowing a whistle in his face. Yet again, when a Trump supporter is  being interviewed, (likely paid) agitators are constantly spinning noise makers inches from his face. It’s clear they are trying to incite these Trump supporters to commit an act of violence on camera. ***Warning***this video could significantly increase your blood pressure:

From 100PFU.

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