Just Days Before The Final Debate, Trump Receives AMAZING News

Don’t we just love our Google data, folks? I swear, we have the best Google data! Granted, Google has already censored crucial election data, but thank God that the Google Trends tool is still a thing.

Even though we know that Trump is going to win by a landslide, it remains unclear that Google search data can predict election results.

Although, being that “how to vote for Trump” is crushing Hillary, the Clinton camp should be very concerned. Seriously, “how to vote for Trump” has nearly twice as many searches as “how to vote for Hillary”. Feel free to spin that as “uneducated” Trump supporters. But, the fact that more potential voters are searching how to vote for Trump should be extremely telling.


how to vote for trump

Personally, I’m not one who usually finds humor in search data. And to be honest, it would be incredibly lame if I did. However, the Google Trends data above is absolutely hilarious. How pathetic and weak does your campaign have to be that potential voters are rarely searching for how to vote for you? Hashtag, low energy. To help put the data above into perspective, let’s add “how to vote for Obama” into the mix.

how to vote for trump

Well, would you look at that? How to vote for Trump has nearly just as many search inquiries as “how to vote for Obama”. For anyone who is a Clinton supporter, this is the point where you should all collectively begin to panic. As much as the polls are actively trying to rig this election for Hillary Clinton, the organic search results don’t lie.

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