Pamela Anderson Weighs In On Trump’s Comments, And Has Everyone Talking

Donald Trump’s comments from 11-years ago apparently was a bit too much for liberals ears. They have been crying and moaning ever since hearing Donald Trump speak like a man to other men (Gasp).

Now Pamela Anderson has decided to weigh in on the Trump comments and what she has to say is making waves.

According to The Daily Caller:

While giving a lecture about the dangers of pornography at Oxford University, the former “Baywatch” star weighed in on the drama surrounding the Republican nominee.

“It’s terrible,” Anderson said. “And I’ve heard other men speak that way, even about me, and it cannot be swept under the rug because how we deal with it and how he is — it’s not okay.”

“I was completely offended, like everybody else, and I don’t like the way he said it was just locker room behavior because I don’t believe that’s true of the men who do speak that way.”

Ok, thanks Pam for your insightful comments.

First off, no one condoned his comments or said they were ok, but let’s get real, he made them over a decade ago. Also, let us not forget that Pamela’s claim to fame was taking her clothes off and making sex tapes with Tommy Lee.

The truth is none of us are the same people we were 11 years ago, and that includes the former Playboy bunny. You would think of all people she would understand that, but it seems the peroxide she uses to bleach her hair has sunk into her brain.

What do you think?



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