SPY PIGEONS Charged With “Espionage”, Is This Even Possible?

It almost seems like something out of  a move! Over 150 ‘spy’ pigeons have been captured by police in India, after officers became suspicious they were being used for espionage.

Independent has the full story:

A police spokesman from the city of Jammu in Kashmir state said a large number of pigeons had been discovered “cruelly” packed into a banana container and were rescued under the Cruelty to Animals Act during a routine inspection.

Security officials noticed the pigeons had coloured rings attached to their legs and magnetic bracelets around their necks, raising suspicions about what the birds were being used for.

The pigeons were reportedly suffering from severe dehydration following their journey, and were handed over to local welfare charity Save Animals Value Environment (SAVE).

An activist from SAVE said the largest pigeons had had their wings clipped, Times of Indiareported.

The local deputy commissioner in Jammu has ordered an investigation into the capture of the birds, and said the pigeons would only be released once the investigation was completed.

Last week, police in India intercepted a suspected spy pigeon after it was found to be carrying an “abusive” note addressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Officials said they believed the bird was sent from Pakistan, and clipped its wings to prevent it flying back to the country. Animal rights campaigners have condemned the clipping of wings as being inhumane.

Pathankot police officer Rakesh Kumar told AFP police were “investigating the matter very seriously” as the “area is sensitive” near Jammu.

On 23 September, another pigeon with “some words written in Urdu” was found in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district and taken into custody.

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