Former Miss Teen Nebraska Speaks Out And Says “Trump Was A Gentleman,” Disappointing The ABC Network

The election is weeks away, and Clinton is getting nervous. So nervous in fact that she has recruited massive amounts of people to smear Donald Trump.

The allegations swirling around Donald Trump are astounding, and what boggles my mind is the fact that people are more worried about Trump and some false rumors, over Clinton and all her lies concerning her emails and Benghazi; However in all the madness some truth is shining through.

Another beauty contestant is coming forward in defense of Trump.

Natasha Rickley was a contestant back in 1997, and she has nothing but love for Trump. ABC reached out to her to hear her story, but I am sure they won’t air what she has to say. Check out her Facebook post below:


Many comments on her thread are positive, but there are still some Debbie downers. The truth will come out one day. I just hope it isn’t while Hillary is in office.

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