[VIDEO] Congressman Mentions Wikileaks, Moments Later The Satellite Feed Is Cut

Something shady is happening at CNN. Although we all know by now how CNN is actually The Clinton News Network, it’s still surprising to see what measures of length they will go to keep their golden girl on top.

During a panel discussion on CNN with news anchor Chris Cuomo and guests Republican pro-Trump Congressman Chris Collins and Democrat pro-Hillary Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, Chris brings how a WikiLeaks release revealed that Hillary Clinton holds different positions on her policies depending on if she’s in public or private. This is found in the John Podesta emails, ID 927.

This comes on the heels of some shady business surrounding Wikileaks. Julian Assange, the founder, recently had his internet cut off by the Ecuadorian embassy, where he is being held — allegedly, at the behest of the United States government.

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