[VIDEO] Tables Turned On Liberal Woman After She Is Caught Trolling Trump Supporters

This, um, woman, wore me out in the first five minutes of the following video.  I feel like I’m at one of those animal parks where you pet the wild things…and I need to throw some Xanax in through the window.

To think – she’s bred, too.  Imagine if some poor shmuck is married to this nightmare.  All “five feet tall and 104 pounds” of her.

We get it, Chick.  You hate men.  Police, too.  The liberal machine has taught you to do both those things.  Successfully.  You are a walking (in this case, driving maniacally) stereotype.  And according to you, Hillary is going to make it so that all men just get de-balled the minute she gets into office so that you will live happily ever after come January.  It reminds me of how black people thought that they were going to have their mortgages just paid off the minute Obama got into office.  Remember that?

Good times.  Ah, Democrats.  Bless your hearts.  Because Lord knows I’ve stopped worrying about your brains.

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