Podesta Emails: A Donation to the Clinton Foundation Gets you off the Terror List, and for the real kicker

According to Wikileaks and a huge new drop of emails, a simple donation to the Clinton Foundation can get you off the United States terror list.

According to Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, Algeria sought out this option for their country and actually made their “donation”. However, the real kicker? Algeria was NEVER ON THE LIST as they were led to believe!

Of course when questions were made on these “undocumented” donations, they are quickly disguised as “humanitarian aid” or some sort of “emergency relief”

So, we have 2 problems here. 1. The U.S lied to algeria about even being on the list. 2. Algeria then makes donations to the Clinton Foundation

Dirty, lying, little bastards.

Check out the email here. 


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