[VIDEO] Black Lives Matter ‘Activists’ Suing Trump For “Failing To Protect Them”

During a Trump rally last year two black men interrupted the crowd which didn’t go over very well for them. Now they are suing the Trump campaign for that very incident claiming that Trump’s people did not protect them from harm.

According to BlueLivesMatter, Two Black Lives Matter “activists” are suing Donald Trump’s campaign for failing to protect them.

The pair of Black Lives Matter activists were at a Trump rally at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center last year when they started yelling “Black Lives Matter,” causing an interruption. The crowd did not appreciate the interruption, and they began to push the pair back as they continued to cause a disruption. People in the crowd then reportedly started attacking the pair.

Kent Faulk with AL.com reports that the lawsuit states, “The BJCC and the Trump campaign must be held responsible for failing to provide the required leadership during the Donald Trump rally and the required security,” the lawsuit states. “Moreover, Trump’s intentional acts of inciting violence cannot be allowed from anyone much less a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.”

During the attack, Trump reportedly told his supporters, “Knock the crap out of him, would you? Seriously,”

The lawsuit states, “The footage of the attack is a reflection of Birmingham’s ugly racist past,  where blacks are routinely set upon and beaten by angry mobs,”

The two men are each seeking $1 million in damages from Donald Trump’s campaign. They are each alleging that by selling them tickets to the rallies, Donald Trump became responsible for their safety.

What do you think about this lawsuit? Do they stand a chance at winning?

Source: BlueLivesMatter

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