3 Men Get INSTANT KARMA After Catcalling the Wrong Woman, Good for Her

While walking to work in London, Courtney was approached by a white van with 3 men that began to catcall her and shout obscenities. They continued to follow and make fun of her.

Scared and in tears, Courtney figured out a way to get back.

All I have to say is, payback is a bi*ch.

Littlethings has the full story:

Courtney Greatrex, a 22-year-old from London, was walking to work at 7:30 AM one morning. Traffic was slow, and she was on her way to the tube (London’s underground transit system).

While she was walking there, three men in a white van began to catcall her. They shouted obscenities at her as they followed her with her vehicle. They rang bells at her, laughed at her, and made fun of her.

Greatrex was frightened and in tears.

“They kept making comments at me out of the window, so I told them it was harassment. They just laughed and carried on, even when I got more aggressive and told them to leave me alone,” Greatrex told Daily Mail.“After that, they still didn’t stop, so I took a picture of the van and they tried to hide their faces.”

That’s when Greatrex noticed that they were driving a van for a roofing company called Aqua Roofing. She decided to give their boss a call and let him know exactly what they did to her.


“Before 8 a.m. this morning, I got repeatedly goaded by these three men in their van in slow traffic.”


“They followed me down the road, ringing a bike bell and whistling at me to look at them and laughing.”


“So I took a picture of their van, told them to leave me alone, and they hid their faces but not before calling me a f***ing whore — for walking to the tube.”


“Don’t get me wrong, sexual harassment is alive and well in London, and this happens most morning. But today I’m not accepting it. Don’t worry, boys, wolf whistling from your company car means your boss is about to find out all about it!”

I spoke to their boss, who dealt with it really well, but the company needs to take ownership of the fact that these men were in a car marked with their details.

He called me back to say that one of the staff members has been sacked and they are properly investigating the other two employees tomorrow.”


And that’s how Courtney got revenge on the men sexually harassing her! She hit them where it hurt: their wallets.


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