Man Sitting in Flooded Starbucks Unfazed Gives Inspiration for Photoshop Battle, HILARIOUS

Recently someone shared an image of an elderly man sitting in a starbucks that was completely flooded, reading and sipping his coffee. I am not quite sure how that  all went but it sure went viral on the internet.

Check out these hilarious Photoshops that put “Starbucks Uncle” in new places.

Boredpanda has the story:

Someone shared an image of an old man sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop in Hong Kong completely unfazed by a flood and it inspired an awesome Photoshop battle. The customer was finishing up his coffee and newspaper and got nicknamed “Starbucks Uncle”. Now the Internet is constantly finding new places where to ‘feature’ him.

Hong Kong is bracing itself for Super Typhoon Haima and is experiencing heavy flooding and rainstorms. It even got 70 millimeters of rain an hour during some point this week. One shopping center in Chai Wan district also suffered. That’s where this photo was taken. Can you find a situation where this guy and his nonchalant attitude would truly shine? Submit your version below!

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