Parents Say That One School District Has Gone Too Far With Lunch Box Restrictions

While I think we all can agree that we need to take our children’s health seriously, but is this too much? One school district in Toronto has asked parents not to pack apples in their children’s lunches because of ONE student’s allergies. I do not know about you, but I think this is going too far.


An elementary school has told parents not to pack apples for their children’s lunches because of one student’s allergy.

R.H. McGregor Elementary School recently asked parents to avoid packing apples as snacks, because a student there has an apple allergy, CBC reports.

Critics of the school’s decision claim that requesting parents not include certain items in lunches only makes it more difficult for children to get a nutritious meal.

“Our son, for example, is a picky eater,” says Danny Regu, whose 7-year-old son is in grade 2 at R.H. McGregor. “And an apple is pretty much the only fruit he is going to eat.”

 Regu says he understands allergies, but telling parents not to send apples to school is going too far. “I mean there’s countless allergies out there, and if every parent starts calling the school and starts asking the school to ban everything their child is allergic to, it’s going to be impossible to pack a decent lunch.”

Officially, the Toronto District School Board cannot prevent parents from packing whatever they want for their children’s lunches or snacks. The most it can do is make strong suggestions.

“Even if there is an anaphylactic reaction, we cannot ban a product,” says TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird. “What we do do, is strongly encourage parents not to bring that in, because it comes down to student safety. Our parents understand that.”

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