Every Morning She Awaits Her Best Friend For Breakfast, [WATCH] Who Shows Up

Friendship is such that it knows no bound. This is a story about one such friendship between two different species who have breakfast together! It might look like a scene from Snow White, but trust me, if you wanted to see a real life Snow White, this woman just might be your best bet!

Every morning, this woman stands out in front of her door and calls out “little girl” and you wouldn’t believe who comes running – a deer. Yes that’s right. This woman’s best friend is a deer and they eat breakfast together. not only breakfast, sometimes they have lunch and dinner together too! Jaw dropped? Mine too.

Take a look at this video

I still can’t believe what I just saw! Proves the fact that no matter what species you are, friendship has no limits! Share if you agree ?


Source: http://www.heroviral.com

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