[AUDIO] Gennifer Flowers: Bill Clinton Told State Trooper I Could ‘Suck A Tennis Ball Through A Garden Hose’

In a rare exclusive interview, Gennifer Flowers, who says she had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton, revealed sordid details of what she says was her sex life with the former president.

Flowers said that while Clinton was the governor of Arkansas, she and the politician made love in the governor’s mansion where he lived with Hillary as well as in his state office, including in the conference room while there were people outside.

Asked whether Clinton was nervous that others might catch them in the alleged sex acts, Flowers replied:

“I was nervous. He wasn’t nervous. He never seemed to care. I seemed to care more about people finding out or in some cases even Hillary and Chelsea then he did. I would bring it up to him. And he [would] vow, ‘No everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry about it.’”

Flowers was speaking in an interview set to air Sunday night on this reporter’s talk radio program broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM.

Listen to audio here:

Flowers said that she and Clinton also often engaged in phone sex and she claimed that the two had sex in numerous places. “I had sex in the office when he was governor,” she said. “In the mansion, in his office, and in the conference room. With people outside.”

“We had a lot of fun together. We were two consenting adults,” she added.

The issue of so-called locker room talk has dominated the news cycle after a 2005 audio and video recording was leaked of Donald Trump making controversial comments about women.

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