[VIDEO] Bill Clinton Slams ‘Old Gray-Haired White Guys’ Claims Immigration Is Only Thing ‘Keeping Us Young’

Bill Clinton attacked Donald Trump in his speech Friday at the Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly, held in Orlando. “Why is this such a crazy election?” Clinton asked, delivering rambling, slow remarks for about forty-five minutes. “I mean, it is, isn’t it?”

“We know that there are whole areas of America that have been left out and left behind,” Clinton acknowledged.

“But so has coal country, and most of them are supporting [Hillary’s] opponent because they’ve been told that President Obama and those of us who think something has to be done about climate change are responsible for the loss of those jobs.”

“Even in our own lives, there are reasons to be angry. But answers work better. There are always reasons to be frustrated. But empowerment is the only answer.”

“Conflict is fun in sports,” Clinton said, referring to being in the “empowerment business” instead of the “resentment business.”

“In the last few days, do me a favor,” Clinton said. “Don’t fight fire with fire. These people who are spreading all this division and badmouthing America and badmouthing our future. They’re against immigration reform when that’s the only thing that we got keeping us young right now. Our first-generation Americans. (43:00 Minute Mark In Video Below)

“All these old gray-haired white guys, how do they think our Social Security is going to be paid out and our Medicare is going to get funded?,” Clinton stated.

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