Hillary Campaign Planned Fake “GRASSROOTS” Millennial Movement To Steal Away Bernie Supporters

Wikileaks released another email showing how phony Hillary’s campaign has been from the start. Americans should never believe the polls. Hillary has NEVER given Americans a reason to want to get behind her. It’s why she and her camp, with the help of the media are constantly manufacturing what appears to be (but really is not) support for her candidacy. The most hilarious part of this whole story is that Hillary’s camp planned to use the young Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum to launch Hillary’s fake “grassroots” group after he gave a speech at the DNC about how “trust” in government “can be restored!”

Here is the attachment to an email addressed to Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta:



Mobilize young voter participation for the 2016 election in support of Hillary Clinton

Use young elected officials and entertainers to build a “grassroots” movement of under 40 voters as a vehicle to migrate support for Bernie into activism for Hillary.

Identify young elected officials (YEOs)across the country to become the face of a new organization that is focused on a progressive future. These young elected officials would promote both the organization, the ideas embraced by it and the need for civic engagement with an immediate focus on involvement in the 2016 election. They would be seen as the faces of a new progressivist movement that combines noble goals with political realities resulting in real progress.

The organization would be built around a group of ideas or concepts as opposed to parties or individuals. The ideas should always reinforce the message that the under 40 generation needs to engage politically to shape their own future. Building the New Economy, Creating an Empowerment Society, Transitioning to a Sustainable World, Tearing Down Barriers are all phrases which might be included in the messaging. Support for the Hillary would be included in the messaging but initially as tangential to it, i.e. “if you support these things then there really isn’t another choice but her”. Over time the messaging would transition more into the actionable item of involvement in the campaign and support for its efforts.

The organization should be built around a Ready for Hillary type model: grassroots driven, limited engagement of the principal, both an organizational and small dollar fundraising component, centered on-line and in venues frequented by under 40’s – college campuses, with a big emphasis on community colleges, nightclubs, athletic events, etc.

The group should be branded separately from the campaign so people who engage with it feel like they created and own it as opposed to feeling swallowed by an organization that defeated them. A distinct name, artwork, website, spokespeople etc would be desired.


The program should be launched initially in one state and then expand out. It should be seen as growing and spreading. We want people calling and asking if they can set one up in their state as opposed to forcing the model on them.

The YEO’s in that state would announce the formation of their group stating theirs goal to help elect a progressive President and engage young people with a goal of making sure their voices are heard and they are ready to participate. It should feel almost like “we got together and decided to do this on our own”. Depending on the organizational model, they could say they all support Hillary and are doing it to help but there are bigger and longer term objectives here, etc. Ideally, you could say something like the campaign is providing limited resources but has agreed any funds you raise will be directed into youth outreach.

They would then do a series of event which would be a college campus “town hall” during the day and a club type event that night. The “town hall” with students would be informal with talking with students about goals, dreams, political reality, how government can make things happen, how sometimes it doesn’t, etc. It would end in a pitch for them to become engaged politically to build a progressive future. Later in the evening, these YEO’s would attend and speak briefly at a campaign event in a bar/club featuring a local DJ or entertainer and has a nominal contribution as part of attendance. The campus event will be used to build buzz for the second event as well as the campaign itself. As momentum grows for the organization, bigger names would be brought in for the “town hall” events as well as bigger artists for the “club” events, furthering the momentum. Eventually, HRC/WJC/CVC as well as VP and Spouse would be integrated into these events but it should be seen as them coming to the “movement” as opposed to them trying to take it over.

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