New Wikileak: We don’t need to be nice’ to George W. Bush”

The Democrat party is nasty, they are classless, and deviant. In another Wikileak drop that was released, it shows just how terrible they are. This time it is about Bush and Obama:

From Washington Examiner:

Former President George W. Bush’s friendly outreach to Michelle and Barack Obama after the 2008 election was met with a snarl from the incoming president’s transition team and a harsh, “We don’t need to be this nice,” according to a newly leaked email from Obama’s transition co-director John Podesta. The trail of emails among top Obama aides included a draft statement that thanked the Bushes for the invitation, and also gave some praise to Bush for working to dig the country out of the mortgage and housing mess that bruised his second term. Podesta responded, “We don’t need to be this nice. He hasn’t done nearly enough although they seemed poised to finally do more.” The fanged comment came in an email discussing a statement the Obama team planned to issue after the 2008 presidential victor and his wife met with Bush and wife Laura at the White House.

Very nice Democrats! So much for reaching across the aisle. They are so hateful, just another reason they shouldn’t be in power.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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