[VIDEO] Cameras Caught Redskins Coach Acting Strangely On Sidelines, This Is Just Wrong

Sometimes when you gotta go, well you gotta go, but Washington knows that there will be a punishment coming for their special team’s coach.

NFL Fans in Detroit got more than they bargained for on Sunday when they saw a Redskins coach whip out his penis and urinate into a Gatorade cup on the sideline … DURING the game!

The urinator is Washington’s special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica — who tried to sneak over behind a trash can and relieve himself during the 3rd quarter of the game.

Problem is … the pee break went down right in front of a bunch of Lions fans who ALL saw the whole thing. The person who snapped these pics was at the game with her two minor kids.

One of the people in the group says Kotwica was the 2ND coach to expose himself and pee by that trash can during the game.

All jokes aside, this was a bonehead decision by someone that should know better.  The front office of the Redskins will have to make an example of him and he may be looking for a job elsewhere.  Not only are you doing this in a football game on the sideline, you are doing it in public sight.  Thousands of people come out to watch the football game between Washington and Detroit, but they got a little more than they were hoping for.

Source: TMZ,  Newsbake

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