LIVE STREAM Video Emerges Of Assange – Is This Him?

Is this proof that Julian Assange is alive? It looks like him though the Live Stream is strange…

An event entitled Conferencia Internacional De Software Libre is underway, and it appears that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is appearing there via Live Stream. Assange is speaking about events relevant to the WikiLeaks operation, including the recent Internet outage they experienced.

Worldwide, Assange fans and Assange enemies have wondered if he has been captured or assassinated. Some believe the video to be fake, though the mannerisms appear to be authentic to Julian Assange, and he is speaking of current events.

One user on Reddit said, “Obviously, voice can be altered and faked. But his dialect, mannerisms, his random sentence pausing, everything. It sounds like Assange. It’s not old recordings because he’s discussing current vents (including losing internet.) It’s not proof, no. But this sounds like him. It sounds exactly like him.”

Rumors have been flying for days about Assange’s location and his safety. Things took a turn for the worst for him when he hinted that WikiLeaks would be releasing emails from John Kerry of the United States of America.

Reportedly, the US State Department started pressuring the Ecuadoran Embassy to shut down Assange. His internet connection was severed, inexplicably, and it has also been reported that armed police, or those dressed as armed police, appeared outside of the Embassy in London.

Clearly, all of these are intimidation tactics.

WikiLeaks fans have speculated that Assange may be dead, or even captured by the CIA and flown to a secret location in the United States.

Fans also take comfort in the notion that Assange has contingency plans in place in the event of his disappearance or passing.

Should something happen to Julian Assange, most feel that his work will continue, perhaps in a sudden, chaotic fashion that would reveal much more hacked and leaked data.

Do you believe that this is Julian Assange in the video below?


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