[VIDEO] Bully Starts Fight With Blind Kid, Gets Knocked Out Cold By Fellow Student

A video of a school bully starting a fight with a blind kid and then getting knocked out cold by another student has gone viral.

This 30-second clip is all action from the very beginning with a bully shouting “Get the fu*k out of here” as he punches a defenseless blind kid.

Then, all of a sudden, from out of shot comes a fu*king hero by the name of Cody! He cracks the bully right in the face, yelling “Fuck you, bro!” as he lands a solid punch.

 Bully boy folds like a deck chair so Cody turns his attention to the blind kid, asking him “Are you okay, Oscar?,” to which Oscar replies “I’m fu*kin good, Cody.”

It’s understandable that he’s fu*kin good at this point in the video – seven seconds earlier, he was getting the sh*t beaten out of him by a dude he couldn’t see, then, all of a sudden someone jumps in and saves his ass. I bet he’s doing good!

Cody then turns back to the bully, who is still lying prone on the ground; “What the fu*k? Trying to fu*king jump a blind kid, bro?” he asks, standing over the fallen warrior.

 Some passer-by who clearly didn’t see the start of the altercation decides to get involved, asking Cody “What’s your problem?,” and telling him to “Get the fuck away from him!”

Cody (or Bro-dy, as he should be known) puts the guy straight, explaining that “He’s punching a fu*kin blind kid, bro!”

Bully-boy is helped to his feet and led off but not before Cody warns him; “I swear to God if you fu*kin fu*k with this kid again I will fu*k you up!” he said.

Source: CraziestSportsFight

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