BUSTED: Hillary Had SECRET, DISTURBING Uses For Her Hidden Email Server

BUSTED: Hillary Had SECRET, DISTURBING Uses For Her Private Email Server

This bombshell reveals the true reasons that Hillary had a private server, and it is far bigger than just “Classified Emails!”

The FBI investigated Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and though classified information was found there, chose not to recommend prosecution.

Many were upset by the FBI Director’s decision, though new information continues to emerge, and the issue may not be totally finished yet.

Hillary’s subordinates at the State Department have admitted the use of private emails. Anne-Marie Slaughter, who served under Secretary of State Clinton, wrote in a WikiLeaks email that “everyone is using private emails.” The state-issued process for email correspondence was “cumbersome,” as it was designed to protect sensitive or classified information.

Even President Obama is reported to have had an email address on Hillary’s server, though he said that he first learned of the server’s existence “in the news,” like everyone else. WikiLeaks recently released a batch of emails that show Hillary’s campaign staff discussing the President’s use of the private email system.

So, are emails the crux of the issue? Was the private server used for convenience, and are the legal questions raised about the mishandling of classified information and nothing else?

It has come to light, now, that Hillary Clinton had a far more insidious use for her private server.

In a new scandal that some have come to call, “Bill Clinton Inc.,” it is alleged that Secretary of State Clinton wanted to use a private messaging system to cover for the back-door, pay-for-play negotiations that she was conducting while abusing her power with the State Department.

What was she negotiating?

She was using her position, and opportunities it presented her, to fund the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and “Bill Clinton Inc.”

Video explanation of the scandal below:

Do you believe that the FBI, the Department of Justice, or the Federal Election Commission will investigate this issue?

If they plan to, they need to hurry!

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