Illegal Citizen Arrested For Illegally Voting Multiple Times

The 2016 election is a heated one. The candidates are running smear campaigns that rival the tumultuous election of 1828 between  Andrew Jackson, and John Quincy Adams. Every vote is needed if Trump is to beat the criminal known as Hillary Clinton, but there is a huge problem…Voter Fraud!

We have heard Trump warning of a “rigged” system, and it may not be rigged, but there is definitely a lot of fraud going on. Between ballot stuffing, voter machines changing votes, and dead people voting, another threat to our voting freedom is illegals voting.


A Tarrant County investigator, 35-year-old Rosa Maria Ortega lives legally in the U.S. with her husband.

Ortega, who hails from Alberta, is not a U.S. citizen. She is therefore ineligible to vote.

Investigators say that on her initial voter application, Ortega acknowledged her non-citizen status. When the country rejected her application, Ortega waited five months and applied again, this time listing herself as a citizen. When her application went through, Ortega proceeded to vote in Dallas. Records show she did this five times between 2004 and 2014. nearly 200 illegal immigrants voted in 8 Virginia districts alone. This is concerning to Republicans, as Virginia proved itself to be a Democratic-leaning region during the past two elections, which saw the highest rates of illegal immigrant voter turnout in the state’s history.

This is exactly why the democrats hate the voter id laws. They want illegals to vote for them, and they will do everything in their power to make it happen. It has nothing to do with racism, we all know that. It is nothing more than full on illegal voter fraud. These voter issues are sounding more and more like Russian elections, and if we aren’t careful we will be just like them in no time.


H/T: Breitbart, Hot Air, NARUSA

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