Major News Site Forced To Issue AMAZING Correction To False Story On Donald Trump

Politico ran a story Thursday night that suggested that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “Trump Victory” fund had transferred no money to the Republican National Committee in the month of October. The actual truth is that Trump has transferred about $2.2 million so far this month, along with several hundred thousand dollars to various state committees. It is not clear what caused the error, but Politico’s site now reads:

This story has been corrected. An earlier version said the RNC did not receive any money directly from Trump Victory. POLITICO regrets the error.

 Trump’s fundraising is, by any measure, extraordinarily anemic as compared to former Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s fundraising operation in 2012. Romney, the RNC, and affiliated super PACs jointly raised over $147 million in October 2012, as compared to just over $100 million jointly raised by President Obama, the DNC, and affiliated super PACs. The final figures for October 2016 have (obviously) not been released yet, but Trump’s last reported total from the first 20 days of October shows that his campaign has raised almost $29 million this month. The RNC’s fundraising has likewise been extraordinarily anemic this year, as compared to previous election cycles.

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