Tim Kaine Forced to Cancel Key Event Before the Election, You Won’t Believe Why

Just days before the election, Kaine was forced to cancel an event in Florida. While Kaine had left no reason for the cancellation and virtually walked out, it was painfully obvious what happened.

Although the event is still listed on the Hillary Clinton’s campaign website, the page reads, “This event has been cancelled. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.”

Democrats should take note, this is a good indication of how bad they will fail on Nov 8th.CT has the story:

As reported by WFLA, he provided no reason for the cancellation, apparently preferring instead to leave his supporters wondering what had happened.

Judging by the pitiful performance of his prior rallies, however, the reason seemed obvious — he already knew  that barely anybody would show up, just like barely anybody had shown up for an event he held in West Palm Beach at the start of the week.

In fact, only an estimated 30 people attended that event, and a large number of those folks were reporters and Democrat operatives.


The event was an embarrassing hot mess, much like the campaign of both Kaine and his running mate, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As conservative commentator Kevin Jackson noted on his blog, The Black Sphere, “(N)obody wants to see Tim Kaine or Hillary Clinton, or any other Leftist stooge they could have booked.”

In other words, there was very little enthusiasm for either candidate, and the reasons for this were many — they were deliriously boring, they were touting lousy ideas and at least one of them was marred by endless scandals involving corruption at the highest levels of government.

Even the Democrat presidential nominee’s events were failing to attract large crowds. Meanwhile, opponent GOP nominee Donald Trump was busy holding events chockablock with more fans than a rock star. The difference was like night and day.

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