CNN Turns Over New “Ethics” Leaf, Cuts All Ties With Donna Brazile After Hacked Email

A hacked email from Wikileaks exposed Brazile’s interactions with the Clinton campaign during her tenure at CNN. On Oct 14th, CNN had accepted Donna’s resignation as a CNN contributor and she went on to become interim head of the Democratic National Committee, imagine that.

Another pay for play? who knows, but CNN should definitely remain “uncomfortable”. WHile CNN claims there had no part in this, It’s only a matter of time that something will fall back on them, we all know they are dirty too.

The Hill had this to say:

“CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate,” the statement continued.  “We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”

A hacked email published Monday by WikiLeaks appeared to show Brazile, now the interim head of the Democratic National Committee, sending a debate question to Clinton’s presidential team.

In the email dated March 5, 2016 — the day before a CNN-hosted debate in Flint, Mich. — Brazile, then a CNN contributor, appeared to give a heads up about a question to John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, and Jennifer Palmieri, its communications director.

“One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash,” Brazile wrote in the subject line.  “Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint.”

Brazile has rejected the allegations.

“As a longtime political activist with deep ties to our party, I supported all of our candidates for president. I often shared my thoughts with each and every campaign, and any suggestions that indicate otherwise are simply untrue. As it pertains to the CNN Debates, I never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if I did,” Brazile said in a statement.


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