CORRUPTION REVOLT: Agents From Multiple Federal Agencies Report Pre-Election Cover-Ups

CORRUPTION REVOLT: Agents From Multiple Federal Agencies Report Pre-Election Cover-Ups

As the Department of Justice covers for the Clinton Campaign, agents from numerous Federal Departments come forward to EXPOSE CORRUPTION!

According to reporting from The Wall Street Journal, the Clinton Foundation was under investigation earlier this year by the FBI, but that investigation was stymied and may have been shut down completely by the Justice Department.

“Early this year, four FBI field offices—New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Little Rock, Ark.—were collecting information about the Clinton Foundation to see if there was evidence of financial crimes or influence-peddling, according to people familiar with the matter,” reports The Wall Street Journal. In addition, the FBI was actively probing former Clinton Foundation board member and current Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, but that matter was spun off into a separate investigation.

But in February, FBI officials met with the Justice Department to brief them on the investigation. Per WSJ‘s source, “the meeting didn’t go well.” While the FBI sought more sweeping methods of investigation, those siding with the FBI’s position say the Justice Department was “stern, icy and dismissive of the case.”

In the end, “anticorruption prosecutors at the Justice Department told the FBI at the meeting they wouldn’t authorize more aggressive investigative techniques, such as subpoenas, formal witness interviews, or grand-jury activity.”

Later in August, a senior Justice Department official angrily called deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe to demand to know why the Clinton Foundation was still being investigated. “Are you telling me that I need to shut down a validly predicated investigation?” Mr. McCabe asked.

According to sources, the Justice Department official paused before replying, “Of course not.”

FBI investigators tell WSJ off-the-record that around time, they were told to stand down from their investigations. When they asked who order the stand-down, they were told it was McCabe.

Reportedly, the investigation of the Clinton Foundation is not the only one that upset a number of FBI Agents.

According to ZeroHedge, FBI Director James Comey was felt forced to reopen the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email problems as countless agents threatened a “mutiny.” Comey’s wife was angry with him over his recommendation that Hillary not be prosecuted, and he told her that he was depressed about the number of resignation letters that appeared on his desk after his announcement. It is said that many at the FBI refused to even look at him or speak to him! FBI morale had hit rock bottom.

The FBI is not the only agency accused by its members of hiding information and playing election year politics.

The National Border Patrol Council reports similar problems in the Border Patrol.

Border Patrol Agent and NBPC President Brandon Judd spoke exclusively with Breitbart Texas and condemned the leadership of the Border Patrol’s parent agency, Customs and Border Protection (CBP), for allegedly “keeping this information secret” ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. “We are at breaking point. We have the highest number of illegal aliens in custody in history in Border Patrol’s RGV Sector and this information has been kept from the American public,” said Agent Judd. “The talk of amnesty has once again created pull factors and encouraged people from all over the world to cross Mexico and then cross our porous southern border to illegally enter the U.S. We are simply overwhelmed.”

Agent Judd told Breitbart Texas that Americans should vote their conscience, but they should do so with all of the information available. “This is an issue of the federal government restricting crucial information from the public ahead of a presidential election and it is unacceptable. Americans deserve to know the truth. Our Border Patrol agents deserve for Americans to know what they are really facing. Too many Border Patrol agents have given their lives and left loved ones to grieve for CBP leadership to play these types of political games ahead of such an impactful election.”

So, accusations of corrupt leadership are now pouring in from multiple directions.

It is not only WikiLeaks and Anonymous who want the information to be public knowledge. Hard-working but low-ranking Federal Employees want the truth to be known, as well.

Something tells me that this is not the last of what we will hear about these issues.



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