Huma Abedin in 2 Minutes, The TROPHY Daughter Hillary Clinton Never Had

Hillary Clinton is a nasty human being, she has been noted as calling Comey an “a** hole that has been after her for years and that isn’t even the worst of it. However, her  very apparent favoritism of Huma over Chelsea is startling to the point of being uncomfortable.

While Hillary may think nothing of it, Chelsea hates Huma as their relationship has always been ‘remote and cold’. The intimate settings in which Human and hillary interact can be awkward and slightly embarrassing according to some. It has also been said that

‘Huma’s tough, but there are times when she can look like a shy little girl, especially when Hillary displays an interest in her in front of other people.’ Hillary Clinton spoke at Abedin’s wedding, saying, “I have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would be Huma.”

Could it be that Huma is the trophy daughter Hillary never had? Wonder how Chelsea feels about all this. Maybe if we are lucky, Chelsea will one day spill some dirty little mommy deeds that will FINALLY get her arrested.

Who exactly is Huma Abedin? Find out in under 2 min.

Daily Mail had this to say:

Huma Abedin came down the stairs in Chappaqua, rubbing her puffy eyes and looking a bit disheveled.

‘Did you get your power nap?’ Hillary asked.

She placed both hands on Huma’s neck and began massaging her shoulders.

‘Huma smiled, but looked embarrassed,’ recalled one of Hillary’s oldest friends, who had been invited along with a group of women to spend the afternoon with Hillary, and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the Chappaqua get together was private. Huma went off to a corner of the room to check on Hillary’s emails, and one of the women handed Hillary a glass of Chardonnay. After a sip, Hillary recounted a conversation she had had with her lawyer, David Kendall, about the enemies who were closing in on her from all sides.

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